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Mobile Apps & Games

Below, you find a collection of some Mobile Apps & Games Developed by Us…

Igbo Quiz

Igbo Quiz is a language game App made for anyone who wants to learn Igbo Language basics via the use of images. It focuses on the use of images to teach the names of carefully selected objects; thereby…

Ajibotic News

Ajibotic News is the official news App for, a news portal that offers  trending online news publications World News and More. this is an All-In-One App for the news Website and Social media pages


MusicMania is a game that test how well you know Musical Instruments.
The Game is optimized to and can serve as a leaning material to all who want to know names of musical instruments. With attractive rewards, you get started with free 1000 points; there are also many features to help you learn through.

Ajibotic News

Sci Fun is an interactive game which focuses on three subjects: BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS. It Begins with an interactive welcome games. The player is faced with the challenge of entering the right words from the above mentioned category.